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About our Moon Clip Loader:

  • This Moon Clip Loader is easy to use and easy on your fingers
  • CNC machined
  • Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel
  • These Remooners are made in the USA!
  • This is a great tool for any revolver owner using moon clips.
  • Demooning Tool included to match arbor that is ordered
  • Stainless steel will hold up better than aluminum
  • This tool can handle all types of moon clips with different arbors for each size

Moon Clip LoaderUsing the Moon CLip Loader


Place your moon clip on the arbor. Place your first round in line with the slide then load your first round. Simply index your next round from the side and load.

Also includes a Demooning Tool made of stainless steel for easy removal of brass. Just a twist and the brass falls out.



Remooner Tool with Arbor and Demooner Tool
   (includes shipping per item in the continental US)
$55.15 Moon Clip Loader and Demooning Tool
Extra Arbors (includes shipping) $6.50
Custom Made Arbors available. Please contact us:


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